Thursday, 19 June 2014

::: UPDATE :::

I thought an update would be good to tell you all how we are getting on. Some of you already know that I blog elsewhere now but I will not put a link on this post for fear of unwanted visitors.

Layla and Marshmallow are doing extremely well in their new home. The chickens are still all happy too (but camera shy!)

Henrick sadly passed away due to a brain tumour. He didn't suffer, he was on pain relief for a short time and everyone loved him.

After an unexpected phone call regarding Lucky, he is now in a good home after being abandoned. If there is one thing that everyone knows I will not tolerate it is liars. To simply move away and leave a beloved pet behind should be a criminal act. Especially since I was promised he would always be looked after. Starving and wanting contact with anyone and everyone, thankfully he was found in time.

Charlie Brown is doing fantastically well and loving life as every pup should.

Baby and I are doing very well. Everyone says being a single parent is the hardest thing in the world but I disagree. She comes everywhere with me, we go out everyday. 

We have traveled to parts of Scotland that I have never been to before. 

She has a little group of friends that we see regularly.

Every single person we meet, whether a health visitor, midwife, sales assistant or waitress, comments on how content and happy she is. 

She is happy to wave and smile to anyone and everyone. She doesn't cry. Unusual I know but even if she falls over (Yes she stands and walks if holding hands!) or bumps her head she just gets on with life as that is what I have taught her to do. There is no point in crying over spilt milk! That much I have learned too!

She is becoming an excellent communicator via British sign language as well as speech. 

She is lucky enough to have people around her who love her, care for her, spoil her and take her places. There is nobody 'missing' in her life. She doesn't need two parents. 

We are off travelling again next week as we have no commitments keeping us in one place. Charlie Brown goes to stay with friends who have seven (seven!) border collies and he fits in really well. 

So adios amigos ;) 

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