Monday, 22 July 2013

::: Hot Dog :::

Number 1. Take lots of doggy treats and a yoghurt tub.

Number 2. Fill with water then freeze.

Charlie loves it!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

::: Pregnancy :::

Well, where do I start!

As you all know, I got pregnant via ICSI which is a form of IVF.

Super excited and super happy, life was good. Or at least better than it had been. Then I found myself alone. I'm going to be a single mum. Lots of people do it and can juggle normal lives and jobs etc too. So why not me?

I figured the pregnancy would be the easy part until my little belly bean came along but boy was I wrong!

After being taken to A&E then admitted to hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum, then diagnosed with placenta praevia, then pelvic girdle pain, it was becoming less and less fun. I've been poked and prodded and had all sorts of tests.

I've been having to wear a brace around my middle to hold my pelvis in place, I also took travel sickness pills for most of the past seven months as I was throwing up nearly fifteen times per day, I now have to take special vitamin pills as urine and blood tests showed I had an infection but the midwives can't put me on anything stronger as I have excess blood which constantly streams from my nose and mouth. The vitamins will make baby stronger but not necessarily help me in any way.

I also cannot wear makeup, or perfume, or nail varnish, or have strong smelling shower creams.

With only twenty-eight (!) days until this little bean is due to come into this world I am finding life very tiring.

The midwives have all told me I am very lucky to not have stretchmarks and I have the strongest stomach muscles they have ever felt (due to being sick and walking a very hyperactive border collie!). But I am also not dealing with the emotional stress of being alone and being pregnant. No matter how much I try to move on nothing changes what happened and I'm finding it hard to trust anyone.

Having no job right now to concentrate on and having no home to call my own, as well as being 150 miles away from my friends, let me tell you - it's hard!

I'll try and keep this space updated as much as possible and let you know when bean arrives!

Monday, 8 July 2013

::: West Coast :::

Some recent pictures of my time away on the West coast of Scotland.

We stayed in a fantastic chalet with numerous ducks, ducklings, rabbits and mice running around outside.

It was so peaceful I didn't want to come home!