Thursday, 28 March 2013

::: Meet Baby :::

Thank you all for your kind words and messages on my last post.

No it's not going to be easy but I need to stay positive for this little baby.

Just look at that face! How could someone not love this little bean already?

I've reached the halfway point, just another twenty weeks to go...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

::: New Life :::

So... sometimes life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. Sometimes things get in the way, sometimes those things are other people.

I have recently become separated from Steve due to the fact he has been having an affair. Yes I was devastated. How could I not be? He was my whole entire life for the last seven years.

But no matter how much a cried or shouted or threw things, it didn't change anything and I've realised that I need to look after me.

My new life starts now.

Unfortunately I've had to rehome my chickens and two of my bunnies. Charlie Brown and Henrick will be staying with me and Lucky will be staying with Steve in the meantime.

This isn't exactly how I'd like to announce my happy news but after two years of ICSI (a form of IVF) we are due to have a baby!

I have this new life to concentrate on as well as an actual new life! So exciting!

Words of happiness are encouraged. I am getting rid of the negative things in my life and looking for the positive.

I will write again when I can. In the meantime please send all the good luck you can spare my way.

~ Hannah