Wednesday, 10 October 2012

::: 2012 Update :::

Well, it's Autumn and so much has been happening lately and not everything is happening in a good way.

We lost Cinnamon last week to some sort of bird of prey. I'm personally blaming the Osprey but Steve has been hearing owls hooting while out at night with the dog. Spice and Sorrel are somehow fine although Sorrel hasn't laid any eggs since it happened. We have two new chickens arriving soon to keep her company so fingers crossed we get some more eggs from her before the winter sets in.

Charlie Brown turned one year old (one already!) and is getting his winter coat coming through. He is as mad and barky as ever.

The rabbits and Lucky are all fine. There are some new cows in the barn which need introducing and perhaps a duck on her way to our little farm family too.

The first frost arrived this morning making everything look crisp and fresh. The ground is crunchy and deer are edging closer to the house everyday, much to Charlie's annoyance. The leaves are turning brown and starting to fall, again, keeping my pup amused.

I love this time of year!

 *If the video of Charlie's Mad Moment doesn't work you can watch it here.

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