Monday, 14 May 2012

::: Ballet Class :::

So this week I did something a little out of the ordinary. I went to a ballet class. I expected it to be jam packed full of skinny people who knew what they were doing and floating elegantly around the room. 

As a matter of fact it was just me and another lady along with the teacher. 

I was a bit of a bumbling fool and felt like a stampeding elephant at times but I got compliments and encouragement and managed to do some tricky moves.

I'm still not sure what a pliĆ© is nor have I remembered all the positions but it was good fun and I'm hoping more and more people go along to it.

And yes I know these are not ballet pumps but these are the dance shoes I've used for years when I was learning Irish and Jazz. I do have a white pair of ballet pumps somewhere as I wore them to my wedding, I wonder where they will be hiding?

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