Wednesday, 23 May 2012

::: Apricots and Blueberries :::

I know what you're all thinking - what's the big deal about apricots and blueberries - am I right?

I, never in my life, had an apricot or a blueberry until this week. And I am a vegetarian. Crazy huh?

Sure, I've had them in stuff. Blueberry muffins and apricot yoghurt, so I assumed they would taste kind of the same. But no, they really, really don't.

I like the apricots, I ate lots of them.

The blueberries were a different story altogether.

Yes I liked them, but only the sweet ones, I was having lots of them and thinking yum! but then I came across a sour one and figured they were not for me.

Next on my list are mangoes, peaches and plums.

2012 is definatly the year to try new things, if I don't do it now then I never will.

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