Wednesday, 25 April 2012

::: Weigh To Go :::

Remember I blogged about going cycling here? That was short lived!

Summer is here and we are all in the same boat. We want to lose weight. Again!

So far I've lost 6lbs just by changing things in my diet but not necessarily cutting things out my diet, just cutting things down. And also having a seven month old pup probably helps too! Baking cupcakes and whoopie pies doesn't though!

I've started having yoghurt with my cereal instead of milk (Is that healthier? I don't know, probably not!) and drinking more water rather than tea (I've never really jumped on the fizzy-juice band wagon).

My main problem being a vegetarian is cheese, yes, cheese!

I have cheese rolls, cheese in my pasta, cheese on my baked potatoes and cheese pizzas. So...

I have a preserve on my rolls whether it be jam or lemon curd, and occasionally peanut butter. I have tomato pasta sauces with different types of beans to bulk it out instead such as chickpeas or butter beans, and baked beans on my baked potatoes, but yes, I'm still struggling with my pizzas. I know I can load handfuls of sweetcorn or peppers on top and make it just that little bit healthier but, to be honest, I like it with just cheese and I'm probably better at staying away from the them altogether.

I've not been doing it for long (4 weeks or so) and already noticing an improvement, as well as getting lots of compliments!

Is anyone out there feeling the same and trying to lose weight too? Get in touch!

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