Monday, 28 March 2011

::: Runaway Lambs :::

While we were driving back home the other day, we turned into our long farm road and spotted two little lambs happily escaping from the field while their mothers were bleating away trying to get there attention. 

Stopping the car so as not to drive them further up the road, I got out leaving Steve in the car with three baby bunnies, fresh from their health check at the vets, and tried to corral them back through the fence.

They were having none of it and were only getting so close before running away again.

Steve eventually came to help and I managed to get a hold of one while he opened the gate and we happily plopped him back in with the rest. The other little one was trying it's hardest not to come anywhere near us and tried, on a few occasions, to climb the wall but he eventually wormed his way through the gate too and back to his family.

What an exciting day!

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