Tuesday, 1 March 2011

::: New Times Two :::

As March begins (Happy St David's Day!) and Spring inevitably approaches, there are many changes on the cards around here.

A new month. A new job!

I have started a new job in a brand new clothes shop!

Okay, so I live in my wellies and practically roll around in the mud but they don't know that...

At work I have to know about fashion and always have a smile on. It' also a great way of meeting new people as we haven't lived here long enough to make friends.

As it's a new store I've been totally involved in the outfitting and layout of it. I've been trained in so much 'Health and Safety' it's coming our of my ears, but I've enjoyed every minute of it.

It's great that everyone is starting at the same time and we are all in the same boat so to speak. We can all learn (or panic!) together and help one another.

Let's hope we get lots of customers and sell lots of stuff!

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