Monday, 17 January 2011

::: Thrifted Box :::

Due to not having fully unpacked our belongings into this country cottage of ours means I have not had a proper crafting space around me.

My craft table is still in storage as we had so many things to transport from one side of the country to the other that it didn't fit in the van along with the things we needed immediately, such as a bed and a kettle. Insert much protesting from me.

In storage we have garden benches, log baskets (we have no open fire here, yet!), lamps, paintings, a bookcase and a wooden dresser. And my craft table.

So for now I have been doing much of my playing, sorry, crafting, on the floors of this new home.

My sewing machine has not been worked, my knitting needles are still unused and my books have been in a pile on the floor until...

Yes! I picked up an old wooden crate for free to display my craft books, and of course my Country Homes and Interiors magazines.

*Update on Layla's babies - Now 7 days old and getting some velvety fur! (Picture taken at 4 days old)

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