Thursday, 20 January 2011

::: Natural Living - New Year

As January begins every mama is thinking about the chaos of the holidays and the mess that is left behind. And I bet they are all trying to do everything at once and panicking. Am I right?

Firstly, you need to find out where you and your family's priorities lie. Does it really matter that you haven't hoovered today, or done the washing up since last night?

I'm not talking about abandoning your whole housework routine. You just need to realise some things need to be done and other things can wait until later.

Has your child ever come and asked you for help while you are doing your chores and you've told them 'later'? Did you go back and help them later? Some people do but others don't and children will often stop asking for help, whether it's homework they are stuck with or need help to build a fort. It's all important to the child and disregarding your child's priorities means they feel unimportant.

We all want to live simply right? If you're Super Woman and grow all of your own food, cook every single meal with love, spend endless hours canning organic foods for your pantry and can even get the ironing done then that is fantastic, but do you take enough time to look at the world around you (and the special people in it)?

Making your home more organised and simpler means life will run that little bit more smoothly.

These is no point making New Year Resolutions that are out of your limits. Why not think about what you really want to achieve deep down and take some baby steps. Is it more time with your family? Learning a new skill? Uncluttering the house? Or maybe writing that book you've been talking about for ages?

If so, there is no need to bring the board games out straight after dinner and demand quality time with your family or signing up to ten classes of dancing when you only really want a sample or even sitting at your desk for five hours with writers block.

Quality time with your family - Why not make a list of local places or parks, such as gardens or zoos, that you all enjoy visiting or would like to visit and try and do at least one a month? Set a day so everyone knows which day is 'Family Day' and stick to it.

Learning a new skill – Find out as much as you can about it whether it's dancing, knitting or riding a bike. Maybe someone you know already does this skill. Ask around and if you do sign up for a class, don't sign uP for them all until you've had a taster session as you may find out it's not for you.

Uncluttering the house – Take it one day and one room at a time. Don't go around every room thinking that you'll never manage it all. Carry a box with you and pick up things you or your child no longer needs. Start small. It could be outgrown clothes, unused kitchen gadgets or old toys. Don't throw things away, donate to charity or sell at car boot sales. After month or so your house will be tidier and you'll feel happier that your belongings have gone to someone who needs them.

Writing a book – Carry a notepad around in your pocket (or even type things into your mobile phone) when an idea or sentence pops into your head. Take a note of things you see for inspiration and if you can take photos of things so you don't forget them.

Whatever you decide to do just remember to take it slow and spend time with those you love.

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  1. good reminders! I like the knitting idea, I should try to relearn this with my kids...