Wednesday, 19 January 2011

::: Natural Living - Christmas :::

I thought I'd share a little knowledge with you about organising your home and living simply and naturally. I think I will spread this out over two or three posts as it's a lot to take in.

It's all about quality not quantity. (This applies to every aspect in your life whether it's the clothes you buy or the food you eat.)

Overwhelmed by children's toys/wrapping paper/decorations/washing up?

Next year why not get your children some sturdy handmade wooden open-ended toys* instead of electronic gadgets with lights and sounds that will no doubt only do one or two tricks then lay forgotten by January 1st? They cost a little bit more but will last a lot longer and your children will remember them rather than a plastic toy that broke the same day.

Wrap gifts in reusable bags or even clothing and tie with ribbon therefore leaving no paper trails and this also helps save trees and money. If you don't fancy that why not wrap gifts in newspaper?

Sit with your children for an hour or so during the holidays and make paper snowflakes for the window, popcorn garlands or pinecones to hang on the tree. Homemade decorations make Christmas that little bit more special and keeping them all in clearly marked boxes will let you know where everything belongs and help you find them easier next year. Children will feel happier when they see you hanging their creations around your home too.

If someone offers to help with the cooking or clearing up it doesn't mean they think you can't cope – let them help you, leaving you more time to spend with those you love.

Spending time with these people is so much more important than spending all of your time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning or topping up drinks etc. You may only see some of these people once or twice a year so make it count.

Make Christmas magical and special by having a real tree. You can get a potted tree fairly cheap and you can use it year after year. If you're feeling really up for it you could plant some seeds and grow your own.

Get children to draw or paint cards to give to family and friends instead of buying some last minute at the supermarket every year. If your children are very small they could draw one picture and you can scan it into the computer and print out as many as you need.

Decorations and gift giving will make your Christmas special but it's the thought that counts and if a child gives you a handmade gift or decoration or even a homemade cupcake, tell them what it means to you, afterall they probably spent many hours thinking and creating it for you whereas you went to a shop and bought their gift within five minutes.

Most importantly, keep Christmas what it is. A celebration. A celebration of life, of light, of giving, of food and of each other.

*Open-ended toys – Toys which can serve more than one purpose.
Animals can be used in farms, zoos, woodlands, pets and transportation methods for dolls or soldiers.
Houses can be used as homes, hospitals, vets, barns, tree houses, shops etc.

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