Friday, 21 January 2011

::: Natural Living - All Year :::

Another way to live simply and naturally is to clean up and clear out.

Is it really necessary for your child to have all those computer games or DVDs? Why not rent some or borrow from friends?

If you don't want to go the whole hog of living simply (by this I mean no TV, no plastic toys, homeschooling and growing your own food) you can do little bits here and there to help.

Why not start doing craft projects with your kids instead of sitting them in front of the TV when they get home from school? It doesn't cost as much as you may think. Keep toilet roll tubes, egg cartons and cereal boxes to cut up and create from later. You can even get paints and glue cheap or try making your own. Remember to lay out newspaper or a tablecloth if you are doing messy things indoors. Play-dough, plasticine and clay is also good fun to play with.

If your child has hundreds of toys why not go through them and explain to them about the children who are not so lucky. Have a discussion about homelessness or charity and see if your child would like to donate some of their unwanted possessions. This makes the child aware of the world around them and proud for helping out.

If you don't have the space (or energy) to grow your own food why not start small by growing a pot of herbs in the kitchen or a windowbox? Every little helps.

Give handmade gifts as presents or even donations to charities – you can even pay for poorer communities to receive chickens, goats or donkeys.

Living simply and naturally helps to save money. Do you really need a plasma TV or a cruise around the world courtesy of your credit card? If you do then why not save up and work hard to earn it. You'll feel a lot better if you do and it'll show your children that working for something really pays off.

Living simply doesn't mean you have to raise your own pigs (although you can if you're feeling up to it), or sell your car. To live simply and naturally means helping the world just that little bit more and being more appreciative of the people and surroundings which enlighten you.

It won't hurt to walk to the shops (if you live near enough) or let your child splash through a puddle. It's all about learning and giving back.

Make 2011 your year of living simply. Give it a go!

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