Tuesday, 25 January 2011

::: Handwritten Letters :::

Remember the days when you used to receive letters from your friends through the mail? Usually only hearing friend's news once or twice a year (usually in a holiday or birthday card)? Or did you have a penpal?

Due to the high number of people using the Internet and email for communication nobody writes letters anymore or if they do it's not very often.

I was always taught to write Thank You Cards to the people who had given me gifts and to this day I still do.

I love receiving cards and letters in return. I keep them all in a box and regularly skim through them.

Why not start teaching your children to write Thank You Cards and keep this age old hobby alive? If they are too young to write why not give them the materials to draw a picture or painting of the gift they have received?

Family members especially love it and it helps your child with their writing and reading skills.

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