Wednesday, 26 January 2011

::: Bunny Babygrows :::

Due to some friends mentioning that they could not find unisex baby clothing with rabbits on I decided to make some myself.

Using freezer paper for the stencils and child friendly non-toxic fabric paint, I ironed the stencil onto the babygrows (having washed them first), painted in my desired colour then left to dry for half an hour. 

Once the paint was dry I peeled off the stencil, careful not to get paint elsewhere on the babygrow.

I'm excited to try this method with other animal stencils too.

 If you would like to purchase one of these or suggest your own design then please feel free to comment, leaving your email address.
*This entry was also posted on the British Bunnies website and has since been Tweeted by the House Rabbit Society!

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