Sunday, 19 December 2010

::: Right Now :::

I read this great idea over at The Fig Tree.

I hope this helps you get to know me a little better.

Making : a lovely home for the two of usCooking : roast veg, sweet potato mash and halloumi cheese Drinking : sugary tea, mmmmmmmm!Reading: The Little House On The Prairie – Laura Ingalls WilderWanting: a puppyLooking: out over the loch and the mountainsPlaying: with the bunniesWasting: time and energy cleaning and tidying up when I know there are more fun thigns to be doing.Sewing: Just finished making our new advent calander!Wishing: for a white ChristmasEnjoying: the sound of the birdsWaiting: for Steve to come homeLiking: living in the countrysideWondering: Where we'll be and what we'll be doing next Christmas.Loving: Steve and life in generalHoping: for a great 2011Marvelling: at how creative some people can beNeeding: a great big garden shed to store all of our tools and BBQ inSmelling: our new leather sofasWearing: jeans, cosy jumper and slippers.Following: many, many blogsNoticing: how the seasons change and how we barely notice itKnowing: that moving here was the best thing for usThinking: about changes I'd like to make to the house and gardenBookmarking: inspiring bloggersOpening: Christmas presents early!Giggling: at Steve's silly words while playing ScrabbleFeeling: happy that I'm home

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  1. What lovely words, the picture I see is just amazing, cheers from New Zealand, Marie