Saturday, 18 December 2010

::: Declutter :::

Santa Henrick

It is amazing what two people can accumulate in a short space of time. Especially since we have only lived in this house for three months!

I am usually pretty poor at doing housework during my days off work. And if I do feel like doing it I usually wait until around 10pm in the evening as I seem to have more energy at this time of day.

But since Christmas is coming up I have been organising our things into piles (as well as writing a lot of lists I do make piles of things too!).

For example: Steve's computer things were the last things to be unpacked as our forth bedroom was used as a storage area for the previous owners belongings until they could get storage. Not having the extra space has been a bit of a bummer as it's one door we have never really ventured through and explored. So the other day I emptied all of his boxes, kept the things we needed then made a pile to sort through with Steve. Together we then made a 'keep' pile, 'give away' pile and a 'sell' pile.

Unfortunately for me the 'keep' pile was a little larger than I had hoped for. But we now have given a whole heap of things to go to the recycling centre and have given the bunnies all the unwanted paper to shred noisily throughout the night and we are in the process of selling the rest of the unwanted items.

I vacuum once or twice a week, the rabbits get cleaned out at least twice a week, I do laundry once or twice a week and I do the dreaded ironing around once every two or three weeks. There is not much that actually needs done around here. It is so much easier than our last house as it's much bigger and bright and airy.

But things like the dishes and the bathrooms get cleaned daily and the bin collection every two weeks (although now we have started using the compost bin we are only putting the bin out for collection once a month, yipee!) - we (I) have to walk the half a mile or so to the end of the farm road as the bin lorry doesn't come up this way, then go back later on to collect the empty bin! It's good fun in the warmer weather as Lucky usually plods along beside me but in the freezing cold like it is just now I'd rather be overrun with rubbish than walk down the slippery road with a full bin!

All this sorting out means we have some room for new Christmas gifts and we can start 2011 fresh and clean!

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