Friday, 26 November 2010

::: Composting :::

That's right! We're a composting family!

We've always tried to do little bits and pieces for the environment but now we're doing a whole lot more. Apart from making bird feeders and growing our own (or trying to at least) we now have a composting bin – inside and out!

We have a handy little kitchen caddy which we can sling egg shells and tea bags etc into and when it's full we pop outside and throw it all into this amazing garden bin.

Adding to our kitchen waste we also have the rabbit waste which consists of straw, paper and hay as well as their own mess. I always felt bad throwing a lot of it in the regular bin even though it doesn't take long to break down. We just didn't have anywhere to put it in our previous home and our recycling facilities were so poor.

Hopefully we can build up enough material this winter and be supplied with fresh homemade compost in the new year.

Here is a picture of the bird feeder we made a couple of weeks back hanging in a tree in our vastly overgrown garden!

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