Friday, 29 October 2010

::: Progressive Pioneer :::

I absolutely love Progressive Pioneer by Amy Thompson.

Amy is a stay-at-home Mum, married to an illustrator, Clayton, and has two gorgeous little children, Sam and Vivian.

The whole family are crazy about gardening, attachment parenting, sewing, keeping chickens, eating natural and yoga. But the best bit is that they share it with us!

There is a great saying on her 'about' page - “Through all of it she sticks to her rule of living first and blogging second.”

"When all the world is turning to the latest gadget, the latest expert advice, the latest health fad, we can pioneer the way back to our roots, back to simplicity, choose to follow the examples of our pioneer forbears; live simply, live close to the earth and close to your loved ones."

I think everyone should have a read of her blog – even just a quick skim and you'll get the feeling of home. It's contagious.

This is how I think life should be – slowed down, no TV, being outdoors and with nature, learning about important things in life and spending time as a family.

As the world is turning, the traditions of our ancestors are coming around again, embrace them.

I love how so many people are breast-feeding, growing their own vegetables and cooking from scratch. Let's spread the word. Let's become Progressive Pioneers!

(All quotes and photos used in this particular post are the property of Amy Thompson and and will remain so.)

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