Thursday, 21 October 2010

::: Peace and Quiet :::

I've stayed in what I thought was the countryside nearly all of my life.

Growing up in a small village, picking and collecting different berries and vegetables every summer, watching the wild rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and pheasants in our garden (and on one occasion a deer!), planting seeds, walking in the woods and seeing the stars was what I thought the countryside was.

Now I have a whole different perspective.

Staying just yards from a farm with the cows mooing in the morning, bats flying around at night, no streetlights, no cars and with no working TV right now, it feels like we're out in the sticks. We're half an hour away from the nearest town (which is so small it only takes two minutes to walk from one end to the other), and at least two fields away from our nearest neighbour. We don't even have tarmac on the road – just your old fashioned dirt track full of holes!

It gets very dark at night without lights or even the glow of light from nearby. The stars shine so bright and it's so quiet you can hear yourself breathe.

I'm loving the fact that I can potter in the garden and hang washing out without having to listen to people walking past or noisy cars.

Plus there is a little black cat who likes to visit and sit at my feet when I'm in the garden, watching the toads play in the puddles.

When was the last time you took to just sit and listen?

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