Sunday, 31 October 2010

::: One Car Family :::

(Another Corner of my Home)

After living with two cars for such a long period of time, to all of a sudden having only one car is a big step, but one we are excited about.

Not only is it cheaper financially (only one service, tax and MOT per year as well as fuel for only one car and not two), it also is better for the environment.

I admit I don't know a great deal about cars but oil, diesel and petrol are harmful in their own way so I can imagine that breathing in the fumes from these chemicals are harmful too.

We now travel places together, we have become more patient waiting for each other after work etc instead of rushing and getting home at different times. We go shopping together, we travel to work together and we wash the car together!

Plus it makes us feel like we are playing a part in helping the environment and bettering our health as well as our pockets.

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