Tuesday, 26 October 2010

::: Jon and Kate Plus Eight :::

When my parents went to Canada for a month, four years ago, they came back with lots of stories and one of them was Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

It is an American reality show about a couple who have eight children.
Jon and Kate Gosselin couldn't get pregnant on their own, they used fertility treatments and eventually had twin girls – Cara and Mady.

Just three years later they wanted one more child and opted for fertility treatment again. Jon was convinced it was only one baby, Kate thought twins. Little did they know their small family of four would soon turn into a family of ten.

Little Aaden, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Collin and Joel were born.

This programme follows their everyday lives and shows people how normal they really are. Although only season one and two are available in the UK, the rest of the shows can be seen on youtube or bought on region 1 DVDs.

I find it fascinating and I absolutely love it. Yes they have now split up due to stress levels and changes. But they do what they think is best for their children and have secured the futures for all eight going to college etc.

It's amazing what a little organising can do (and, of course, a helpful husband!). They are all up and fed on a Sunday and leaving for Church at 10.15am. Jon still works full-time after having serious worries that he wouldn't be able to provide for his family. Kate has lots of helpers and friends who love the children dearly.

Kate also relies on lists (didn't I tell you how great it is to have tonnes of lists lying around?) and she must have so many things floating around in her head at any one time.

This is a really Super-Mum (and Dad!) if ever I've seen one.

And I've just found out that Kate has a blog! Kate's Take is news from Kate about her life as a single mum, dealing with eight kids and what it's like to cope alone. It's not as in-depth as the programmes but it's great all the same. 

(All pictures and links used in this post are owned by the Gosselin family and will remain so) 

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