Wednesday, 15 September 2010

::: Eat Pray Love :::

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is officially my new favourite book. I bought a few books and magazines to read while Steve was starting his new job in Oban, as I had nothing to do yet – no home, no job, and the bunnies were getting bunny-sat if you will.

I honestly didn't expect it to be a true story for one but I also didn't expect it to be so funny!

The book is about one woman's life after her divorce and how she makes her comeback by traveling, finding a Guru, finding herself and finding God.

I am not a religious person, not even a little bit. But this book is so well written and so un-put-downable.

I sat at a little secluded beach for nearly two whole days and read this book, cover to cover. I am madly in love with this book and I know I will be reading it again soon.

There is also a film being released in America right now based on this book, I can't wait until it comes out over here. Let's just hope it's not too different from the book.

Let me know if you read this or have already read it and what your thoughts were.

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