Monday, 30 August 2010

::: Henrick :::

I awoke one morning to find Henrick not moving or eating. I immediately called the vet and drove the hours journey with him.

I handed him over, signed a form that stated I was letting them do whatever it took to make him better and I left.

I spent the entire day worried and crying. By early evening he had eaten something and was allowed to come home.

I was told he had a chest infection and if I hadn't called the vets he wouldn't have made it.

He is on antibiotics for the next 10 days and needs help eating and drinking. Layla missed him terribly and keeps running up to his hutch to check on him and give him kisses through the wire mesh.

He has started hopping around and eating dandelions but still won't eat his rabbit food or hay and still needs help drinking.

Could everyone please cross their fingers for my little guy this week? It only takes a second x

Friday, 27 August 2010

::: Home Sweet Home :::

Well that is us back from our holiday in Tunisia. It was extremely hot (we're talking 50 degrees Celsius) but we had a great time.

This trip was a joint birthday/Christmas present from me to Steve as he has always wanted to experience Africa.

We visited the towns, zoo, amphitheatre and stayed in a great hotel.

Let me share some pictures with you...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

::: OBAN :::

I didn't tell you where we're moving to. Is that cruel?

We're moving to our new favourite place in Earth – Oban!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

::: We're Moving! :::

Yes, it's true! We're moving house!

Not for another 2 weeks yet but I am in packing mode, I know it's way too early to even think about it but in my head I am thinking of what we need to take with us, what we can sell and what we can donate to charity.

We've only been together for four years and married for one yet we seem to have accumulated so much stuff!

I have been making lists (people who read this often enough or know me well enough will know how many lists I make!) of things to do, such as find a doctors and dentist. Change address for magazine subscriptions, make final bill payments, organise a stop point halfway to new house to check the bunnies are alright etc.

So much to do and not enough time!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

::: SUMMER :::

Okay, so I know it's the start of August but I'm only now starting to feel like the summer has arrived. And I have good reason to. Check out my new shoes!

Aren't they the best? And even better – they were on sale! Thank you Steve, I love them!

On another note, can you actually believe it's August already? The past eight months have just flown by and I've achieved nothing that I wanted to achieve. I've not lost much weight either (I say much because I've lost a teensy bit). I wanted to make lots of crafts and learn to make a patchwork quilt, I'm still on works in progress (WIP) that I started in January!

We do have something in the mix that will stir things up although I don't want to mention it just yet :)