Tuesday, 20 July 2010

::: Oh my Kingdom for a horse...ahem, I mean house :::

My very own snugglebunny - Layla

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a little (but not too little) cottage, with a typical country garden and lots of animals.

I wanted a log burning fire and a wooden kitchen with chickens outside who would lay eggs everyday for our breakfast. A couple of dogs to follow me around the garden while I tend my vegetable patch and, of course, I couldn't live without a bunny or two.

But when Steve and I got together, he sort of changed my world. He is allergic to almost the entire world, including grass, flowers, dogs, dust, you name it – he's allergic to it. (He seems fine with Henrick and Layla so far, *fingers crossed*)

I still hope for the little cottage one day, but now I have to have kennels or a shed for my doggies and probably ducks would be better for him than chickens.

A girl can dream...

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