Wednesday, 5 May 2010

::: A Corner Of My Home :::

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and start taking pictures of parts of our home.

Today’s photograph is our kitchen windowsill with the first daffodils of Spring, some plants, herbs and spices in jars, an old wooden (thrifted) peppermill and a few friendly farm animals.

It’s the only window in the house without curtains or a blind; we just never got around to putting one up. It’s quite nice to look out sometimes and see the rain or snow (Ha! Can you tell it’s Scotland?) falling in the light of the lampposts, or watching passers by hurry by at lunchtime.

What is your favourite space in your home?


  1. My favouite corner is my little craft nook...literally a nook, where I have my sewing machine, inspiration board, and oodles of fabric!!!
    Lovely little blog!!

  2. my favourite corner is my craft nook...literally a nook. It hosts my sewing machine, inspiration board and a shelf full of fabric!!
    You have a lovely little corner!