Monday, 12 April 2010

::: On The Move :::

We currently rent our home. It’s a nice little maisonette with a balcony in a conservation area in a small Scottish town. It is steeped in history and we often wake up to photographers taking pictures of it or groups of people taking a tour of the little cobbled streets.

The problem is that it is also up for sale. We don’t want to buy it as there are no parking spaces for our two cars, no grass or garden where we can grow our own vegetables (we currently grow them on the balcony or indoors) and there is no room to expand in the future.

Above is a picture of a house I dream of. We have been to see a few little cottages in the countryside but none of them have been big enough, we ideally want 2-3 bedrooms, a utility room and a large garden.

A girl can dream can’t she?

What I want and what Steve wants is completely different. He wants access to shops and restaurants, not too far from work and not out in the sticks. While I want a huge garden, some chickens, a puppy, perhaps another rabbit so Henrick has a buddy, a craft room that I don’t have to share with his computer and photography equipment and enough space for one day when we decide to have children.

Still dreaming…

What do you dream of?

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