Saturday, 3 April 2010

::: Happy Easter! :::

When I was small every Easter was spent with the Church group, going on a picnic to a park or heritage site, and rolling our Easter eggs.

We would have boiled eggs with us and take pens and paint to decorate them, find a big hill then roll them down it before eating them.

It was a big deal. There were treasure hunts and lots of games, the parents and other adults all got involved and we all had fun.

Nowadays, we go to the local supermarket and buy an overpriced chocolate egg with way too much packaging and spend the day as if it were any other.

Having Henrick as our very own Easter Bunny is brilliant. Not only is he a rabbit but he’s also the colour of chocolate!

I hope that one day when we have our children they will understand the story behind Easter and have a fun and proper holiday rather than getting sick by eating too much shop bought chocolate eggs.


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