Tuesday, 2 February 2010

::: A Woman's Handbag :::

What is inside a woman’s handbag? I never knew.

Being in my early twenties I have only recently discovered handbags and their use.

I never understood woman who carried their ‘life’ around with them, until I became one of those women.

The other day, while at the supermarket, Steve asked me to hand him one of our reusable bags to pack the shopping. And of course, I had forgotten them. I cannot remember a time when Steve hasn’t asked on the way out of the door “Do you have the bags?” because my answer was always “No”

So I decided to put a ‘stash’ of bags into my handbag, only to find they would not fit. And do you know why? Because this was what was in my handbag:

2 sets of house keys
car keys
lip balm
a button
mp3 player

THAT is what is in a woman’s handbag.

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