Monday, 1 February 2010

::: Time For Some Shut Eye :::

Ever since I can remember I have never had a bedtime. My parents would let me fall asleep watching television or wherever I happened to be lying at the time. Then I would get up at the very latest for school the next morning, and sleep well through to lunchtime at weekends.

I now know sleep is good for you and speeds up your metabolism and boosts your brain but I have always been a night owl and am finding it hard to change. I have managed to complete High School, two College courses and now University without ever waking up before 7am. Midnight is usually an early night for me and I seem to get an energy boost around 10pm.

It is within the wee small hours that I clean, iron, sew, write, tidy up and craft. I find the dark relaxes me. I have even been known to do some gardening at midnight!

Lately, with University deadlines and exams I feel I have been pushing myself too far. I have relied on Steve way too much to make dinner every night and although the drive to University is only 40 minutes or so, it does tire me out along with a long day of reading and writing.

Over the rest of this year I will try and become more of an early riser. I will get out of bed early on a weekend and go to sleep before midnight. Therefore I hope to become a better wife and a more creative person

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