Wednesday, 3 February 2010

::: Christmas in February :::

I’ve started Christmas shopping!!!!

I know, I know, TEN, ten months too early, but I couldn’t resist.

You see, what I do is, I make a list (I make a lot of lists, I have lists for shopping, for meals, for prices, for University and for Steve), a list of everyone’s name in date order of their birthdays and then Christmas. Throughout the year a buy and make little bits and pieces for people that I think they would like and I keep it for said birthday or Christmas.

But I used to end up buying so much that I had forgotten what I had got everyone and I was all in a muddle, so I made my list. Now I can keep track of what I have bought people and who I still have to buy or make for.

Plus I keep it simple. “Something you want, something you need, something homemade and something to read”

With my sister literally weeks from popping with my second niece, her second daughter, I have even more things to make and buy as nine (nine!) people we know are having babies this year. That’s a lot of things to make and buy…

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