Wednesday, 10 February 2010

:::Chestnut House:::

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for nearly two months and haven’t even mentioned my dolls house.

I bought a flat-packed built-it-yourself dolls house kit off Ebay earlier last year. I was so happy when it arrived and I built it at once with the help of my father. We taped all the pieces together before gluing it all in place then I finally got to have my fun – decorating.

I will get more pictures of the inside once it is all finished. I have been buying little bits and pieces for it over the past year and I even have little people!

I have named it Chestnut House as Chestnut was my first ever pet and he was an orange rabbit with one ear up and one ear down. He lived to the ripe old age of eight.

It is so much fun and having joined The Dolls House Emporium recently I never knew how many people in the world had dolls houses. It’s amazing!

PS - Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, our internet has been getting changed over to a new provider, hopefully no more delays to come :)

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