Sunday, 17 January 2010

::: A Sneaky Peak :::

I haven’t been crafting and making things for a very long time. True, I used to do a lot of arty projects at school and I doodle from time to time (perhaps I’ll share my pictures with you one day) but I’m suddenly realising (and so is Steve) that I have gained quite a lot of ‘materials’ over such a short space of time.

My craft area, at first, consisted of one table with a sewing machine. Then it evolved into a few drawers and jars full of things, then some stackable shelves as well as more jars.

I now have a full tablesworth of things plus drawers, shelves, bags, boxes, and even the wall is covered!

(Bare with me and I’ll get a picture of the finished space all neat and tidy.)

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