Sunday, 24 January 2010

::: Introducing Henrick :::

Henrick is our new ten week old mini lop (or Holland lop as it’s also known) rabbit. He’s been here for a couple of days now and is settling in well.

I’ve wanted a chocolate mini lop rabbit for a while now (Steve will tell you) and I eventually found one.

I volunteered at a local rabbit breeder who bred French Lops and loved every minute of it, I’ve also owned a rabbit in the past as well as a variety of other animals. I read up on showing and breeding but for now he’s just our house bunny.

He has a hutch in our utility area where he spends his nights but during the day (under supervision) he gets to run around and explore his new home.

Mini lops are widely loved as they are small enough for children to handle and also have excellent natures. Bucks (males) tend to be more cuddly than the does (females).

Henrick will be and already is well loved and will spend his life being spoiled by us and maybe eventually one day we’ll get more.

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