Monday, 28 December 2009

Little Donkey

This is my little nativity set from "The Pier" which has now, sadly, closed down. I love the little faces on the people and the tiny baby Jesus. I'm not a religious person, I regulary attended church when I was young and went to Sunday School every week but I sort of 'gave up' going as I didn't see the point, if I believed then I believed. I prayed for good things to happen, I prayed for bad things to stop, but when is wishing the same as praying?

I can happily say I will, when the time comes, teach my children Bible stories and make shepherd or angel costumes when needed (we already have the donkey costume as I was ‘him’ twice), but I do not feel the need to express my beliefs by attending church.

It's hard enough at Christmas trying to remember who celebrates Winter Solstice or 'Yule' on December 21st and who celebrates Christmas on December 25th, while adding to the fact that my Mum is "Christmas Carol", being born on Christmas day many moons ago. Before wishing my parents a 'Merry Christmas' on the 25th, we first have to wish my Mum a 'Happy Birthday' (because eveyone usually forgets).

So...yeah, I'm a bit late at wishing you all a Merry Christmas (and I've had quite a few visitors to this site even though it's less than a month old) but I hope you had a good one and are looking forward to the New Year. We are reaching the end of the so-called 'Noughties' and entering the...what? Tens?

I remember the big scare we all had at the Millenium when the world was going to end. I was attending church at midnight and later outside in a huge circle of one hundred or so people singing 'Auld Lang Syne', having the time of my life. Now New Years are spent drinking a little too much at the in-laws, with lots of people (who are only seen once a year) and going to bed way too late before getting up early to be at my parents for lunch with my grandmother.

This also means making New Year Resolutions. Resolutions which, no doubt, we will all 'break' by the end of January 1st. Lose weight? Stop smoking? Which is it this year?

Well...I have my own special resolution which I will not be telling anyone unless I actually pull it off. My husband knows as he has to keep me on track. I will announce it when it happens, if it happens.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, roll on 2010...

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