Monday, 14 December 2009

And so we begin...

My year starts with Christmas. And this Christmas starts with my first blog.
All throughout the year I’m keeping my eyes peeled for gifts. I snatch them up whenever I see them and keep a list of the special people in my life, ticking them off one by one as presents pile up in our spare room.
It’s my favourite time of year. People, presents, warmth and food, what more could anyone ever need?
But the best bit hasn’t even begun. The decorations.
Having only been living with my husband for three years, and married less than one, we started out with nothing on our first Christmas.
We got a hand-me-down tree from friends and some discount decorations from a garden centre which included two pieces of tinsel, a pack of gold and brown (why?) baubles, some multi-coloured lights and, of course, a big shiny star for the top.
It was fantastic!
The star was so heavy the top was droopy until my Dad came round and fixed it up with some wire and a green plastic stick. The tinsel barely covered half of the tree and why did we choose brown?
To this day we still have the tree, the tinsel, the gold and brown baubles and the star. We have just added little bits and pieces over the years and we are getting what is looking a lot more like a Christmas tree. Especially when underneath is littered with presents!
But this year has been a little different as I decided to make decorations as well as buy a few.
Keep visiting and I’ll show you my creations…

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  1. Cool - I love Christmas too, it's totally ace. Can't wait to see what prezzies you make.